Amazon has moved trade online. Our team has set an equally ambitious goal - to move services online.
It is not difficult to imagine how in the future such services as medical consultation, legal assistance and financial advice will often be provided online.
Our team is driving this revolution.

The team consists of senior-level specialists. A small number of people ensures team flexibility and high focus: everyone works on their area of responsibility to achieve common goals.

— Minimum bureaucracy, maximum independence;
— Freedom of action and full ownership;
— We make global decisions together; local - everyone himself/herself.

If you are driven by speed, performance, responsibility and direct influence on business decisions, then let's talk!

What you'll do:
— Design & develop frontend part for a new web product from scratch;
— Cover code with unit and integration tests;
— Perform peer code review;
— Collaborate and communicate during the Scrum meetings with teammates and stakeholders;
— Participate in business discussions and affect business decisions;
— Work side-by-side with highly experienced professionals who cover all the areas of running a start-up. Pssst, bro, you know what do I mean, yeah? ;)))

We're excited about you because you:
— Have 4+ years of Software Engineering hands-on experience and at least 1 year with React.js and at least 1 year of using TypeScript or any other strict typing solution;
— Have experience with Flux architecture, understanding its implementations and alternatives;
— Tend to write code that is easy to read/support. You practically know what do “YAGNI”, “DRY”, “SOLID” mean;
— Feel uncomfortable when at least your code isn’t covered with tests;
— Understand what is UX and how you can contribute to constantly improving it;
— Are enough Jedi to use the --force (and know exactly when not to use it)

Will be +:
— Experience in communicating with inner and outer customers, seeking issues and points of improvement, and suggesting solutions;
— Experience choosing the right strategy to build all levels of automated testing;
— Experience with A/B testing;
— Experience with styled-components, gatsby, WebRTC, React Native;
— Experience with docker, k8s, helm.

The Perks:
— A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other;
— High level of compensation that allows you to focus on work;
— Premium medical insurance;
— Sports and fitness compensation;
— Free lunches and unlimited snacks;
— A training budget with opportunities to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops, etc.;
— Corporate parties and trips abroad. We have already been to Slovakia, Egypt, Austria, and Croatia;
— A comfortable office at Podil — you won’t want to leave.