SocialTech is the multi-product IT company where we recreated the venture capital world. As venture builder, we kick off and run startups with a focus on high tech, data and analytics.

Our business: We have eight products in different niches and millions of users around the world (the USA, South America, Europe and Asia). Every year we demonstrate key indicators of growth by 50-60% and continue to expand. During the last year, SocialTech successfully launched four new startups, proving that enthusiasm, drive and business acumen are embedded in our DNA.

Our team: We are proud to have a strong team of 500+ professionals with deep expertise and ambitious goals. Our people are the company’s most valuable asset, so we strive to build businesses together with top talents on the market.

Qualifications and Experience:

— Bachelor's Degree and 2+ years of experience in account management, partnership, business development, or related field;

— Proven experience in managing relationships with various partners and stakeholders;

— Willingness and ability to address system-wide problems (systematic problem-solving);

— Highly responsible and reliable, with a strong level of self-awareness;

— Ability to negotiate successfully (both oral and written). Advanced persuasion and influencing skills;

— Strong analytical skills, attention to details;

— Working or/and studying experience in Southeast Asia would be prioritized;

— Experience of working in IT would be desirable;

— The English language proficiency - upper-intermediate level and higher (interview may be held in English);

— The Spanish language proficiency - upper-intermediate level and higher;

— Portugues will be a plus but not obligatory.

Key Responsibilities:

— Finding and acquisition of new business partners from Latin American countries;

— Dealing with partners from Latin America (providing guidance and support, building long-term business relationships), providing the consulting services and improving the loyalty of partners;

— Running competitor analysis, contributing to the formulation of strategic goals, and developing the tools to enable them;

— Driving the growth of business partners through professional guidance, recommendations, and other similar supportive activities;

— Developing the list of KPIs on partnerships,analyzing the activities, oversighting the results, and progress on targets related to partner's revenue;

— Business trips in Latin America if needed.

Compensation and Benefits:

— Excellent Compensation Package, allowing to focus on the project development and career growth entirely. Official employment;

— High-Performance team, which is highly passionate about what they do. Endless experience sharing and learning opportunities;

— Complex and Challenging Tasks - the hands-on experience in developing large-scale projects, optimizing the workload and distribution of tasks;

— Flexible working hours.