SocialTech is the multi-product IT company where we recreated the venture capital world. As venture builder, we kick off and run startups with a focus on high tech, data and analytics.

Our business: We have eight products in different niches and millions of users around the world (the USA, South America, Europe and Asia). Every year we demonstrate key indicators growth by 50-60% and continue to expand. During the last year, SocialTech successfully launched four new startups, proving that enthusiasm, drive and business acumen are embedded in our DNA.

Our support of Ukraine: we arrange humanitarian aid; provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence Forces with the special equipment and ammunition; annually pay taxes to the state treasury to support the economy; invest in domestic educational programs so that talented youth could strengthen the country`s capacity.

Our HQ is located in Kyiv. We manage a leading product in the industry, and all our key metrics keep growing exponentially from year to year.

About our Project:

Evercon is the second largest company in SocialTech. Our Evercon product has millions of users with a wide geography - North and South America, the EU, Australia, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia. Despite the war, the business remains stable, profitable and actively growing.

Now we are in search of a Digital Marketing Lead. The main aim of your work is to manage our partners (Affiliates) and to launch new marketing zones (Remarketing and SEO) for effective attraction of new users to our products and user monetisation within our product to increase ROI.

We are a match if you have:

— More than 3+ years of experience in a similar positions;

— 2 year experience of work on senior positions;

— Experience in managing people;

— Understanding of business specifics;

— Understanding of main payment models;

— Advanced level of English;

— Strong negotiation skills;

— Strong analytical background;

— Strong problem-solving skills;

— Business-oriented mindset.

    It’s a plus if you have:

    — Experience in sales, invest banking;

    — Experience in managing of various types of partnerships.

      Your main tasks:

      — Implementation of a marketing strategy (2022) that meets the stated business goals related to the company's total income;

      — Development of the existing Affiliate program;

      — SEO launch and organic traffic growth;

      — Remarketing launch, logic setup and increase of main conversions: Click2Reg, Reg2Pay, further conversions to payment;

      — Monitoring of Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports and traffic analysis;

      — Marketing vertical development within project;

      — Building KPIs and optimizing processes within the affiliate team, forming a team for the needs of the business.

        We assume that this experience will allow Digital Marketing Lead to expand his expertise, which will make it possible to expand his/her area by introducing email marketing into this structure. This will lead to the promotion of Digital Marketing Lead to CMO position and his/her inclusion to the management board of Evercon.

        SocialTech is a unique place to work and grow:

        — A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other;

        — Remote work. After the victory we will be glad to see you in a super modern office in Podil;

        — High level of compensation that allows you to focus on work;

        — Medical insurance;

        — A training budget with opportunities to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops, etc.;

        — Free professional help from a psychologist online or offline.

          We’re looking forward to you being in our team! So do not hesitate to apply;)