SocialTech is a multimillion IT company and a game-changer in the social discovery niche. Our HQ is located in Kyiv. We manage a leading product in the industry, and all our key metrics keep growing exponentially from year to year.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • The English language proficiency - upper-intermediate level and higher (interview may be held in English).
  • The Chinese language proficiency - native speaker.
  • Proven experience of managing relationships with various partners and stakeholders.
  • Willingness and ability to address system-wide problems (systematic problem-solving).
  • Highly responsible and reliable, with a strong level of self-awareness.
  • Ability to negotiate successfully (both oral and written). Advanced persuasion and influencing skills.
  • Strong analytical skills, attention to details.
  • Experience of working in IT would be desirable.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Finding and acquisition of new business partners from China and other Asian countries.
  • Dealing with partners from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines daily (providing guidance and support, building long-term business relationships).
  • Running competitor analysis, contributing to the formulation of strategic goals, and developing the tools to enable them.
  • Driving the growth of business partners through professional guidance, recommendations, and other similar supportive activities.
  • Developing the list of KPIs on partnerships, oversighting the results, and progress on targets related to partner's revenue.
  • Business trips in China and to other Asian countries (each 1-2 months).

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Excellent Compensation Package, allowing to focus on the project development and career growth entirely. Official employment.
  • High-Performance team, which is highly passionate about what they do. Endless experience sharing and learning opportunities.
  • Complex and Challenging Tasks - the hands-on experience in developing large-scale projects, optimizing the workload and distribution of tasks.
  • Positive Work Environment - modern office space, featuring a variety of facilities and services (corporate lunch program, tea, snacks). Flexible working hours.