About the product:

SocialTech is one of the biggest IT product companies in Ukraine. We create entertainment platforms where users can chat, launch video streams, share photos and lots more.

Our R&D team is now building a new business within holding. The next stage is scaling. By the end of this year, we plan to hit TOP 100 companies with the highest marketing budgets in Ukraine. Our aim for the next year is TOP 5.

About the team:

A small team of senior-level professionals allows us to stay flexible and focused. Everyone contributes to the common goal by doing the best in their own area of responsibility.


  • Little bureaucracy, lots of self-sufficiency
  • Discretion and high responsibility
  • Global decisions are made together, local ones are made independently

If you too are driven by speed, responsibility, and direct influence on business decisions, then let's get acquainted!

Technology Stack:

  • Golang
  • MySQL (PostgreSQL)
  • RabbitMQ;
  • ElasticSearch;
  • Kubernetes, docker, GKE/EKS;
  • Microservices

About Duties:

The product is related to streaming technologies. And we have the task to fill it with a huge amount of new functionality. In order not to lose speed and to realize our ambitious plans, we are looking for new team members.

Our idea of the ideal candidate:

  • 3+ years of experience with technology (see above);
  • Can write unit tests and understands why they are needed;
  • Has worked with microservices architecture;
  • Has experience with a high load;
  • Has experience with building application architecture from scratch/refactoring old ones.

We will have a match if you are:

  • Business-oriented professional with a great desire to contribute to the creation and development of the product;
  • Follow new developments in the industry, know everything about new technologies, and want to put your knowledge into practice;
  • A strong team player, willing to work with the best professionals in the industry.

About the outlook:

We are now at a stage where the project is just beginning and, as a result, there are opportunities for fast and high-quality growth to lead backend development or architect.
It's all up to you.

About the rest:

  • Opportunity to learn from years of experience in developing effective business solutions for IT;
  • High level of compensation that allows you to focus on work;
  • Feedback-driven and open-minded culture and fair recognition of strong contributors to the company’s success;
  • Premium medical insurance;
  • Sports and fitness compensation;
  • Free lunches and unlimited snacks;
  • A training budget with opportunities to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops, etc.
  • Corporate parties and trips abroad. We have already been to Slovakia, Egypt, Austria, and Croatia;
  • Cool and comfortable office for work and fun.